Humphries Foundation

Kris Humphries started The Kris Humphries Foundation in 2007 after his encounter with children who were unable to participate in physical activates due to their weight. Striking a chord with Kris, he realized he could help by educating them on proper nutrition and the importance of living a healthy life style. Humphries realized that through education, he could help youth and assist them with making better life decisions which intern would enrich their lives. The foundation mainly helps children from underprivileged communities through an education program that focuses on a healthy living model Kris has created. By encouraging goal setting, strengthening, and advancing good behavior through mentoring others in volunteering and community involvement, the foundation has had great success. Humphries wants his members to be able to make healthy decisions for themselves and learn the importance of being fit through embracing physical activity.

Reaching over 1,000 children, Kris extended his ambitious education objectives in 2011, and started a basketball camp in South Minneapolis. This current summer, the foundation will be expanding this venture and holding an additional three basketball programs which will continue to focus on the principals of the foundation. Each year, the camp focuses on an inspirational theme that provides the attendees with a direction. This year’s main vision will be ‘RESPECT’ and will continue to teach the importance of healthy living. Looking forward, the foundation would like to hold camps in other sites in and around the Twin Cities and eventually around the rest of the country.

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